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Welcome to Yinghui Packaging Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. !
One to two automatic mask production line
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    One to two automatic mask production line

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  • Date:2020-03-01
In 2020, a new crown virus pneumonia swept across the country when the country was a well-off society. Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, confirmed on January 20, 2020 that the virus has a "human-to-human" phenomenon. It can be transmitted through the air. The infected person discharges the virus into the air. After others breathe, the virus enters the respiratory tract and causes other people to be infected. Academicians advocate wearing masks in public. As of mid-February, the country has entered a peak period of resumption of labor and resumption of production. Just after meeting the frontline medical needs for epidemic prevention, the masks required for resumption of production by various enterprises are imminent.
Yinghui Machinery, as an enterprise with 12 years of automated production equipment manufacturing, is committed to developing and producing a variety of automated production equipment and providing a full range of complete line solutions. In recent years, we have cooperated with Siemens even more, and the equipment has continuously advanced towards intelligence. At the moment of the epidemic, Yinghui Machinery should do its utmost to fight against the new crown virus in its own professional field. Since the end of January, it has taken advantage of many years of technology, integrated personnel to quickly design and develop mask production equipment, and formed a support alliance with peers to establish masks. Production Line Division, which specializes in manufacturing the most advanced full-automatic mask production line, providing humanized whole-plant solutions.

At present, the most suitable one-to-two full-automatic flat mask production line has been developed. This production line consists of a host machine (mask forming machine) plus two tape machines (outer ear belts), which are connected by a one-two transmission line . The technical parameters and product features are as follows:
Technical Parameters:

Machine size: 6500×3500×1900MM

Voltage: 220V-50/60HZ

Frequency: 20KHZ

Power: 10KW

Air pressure: 0.6MPa

Pass rate: 98%

Output: 100PCS/MIN

1.High stability, low failure rate and small footprint;
2. Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation;
3, photoelectric (optical fiber) detection of raw materials to avoid errors and reduce waste. This machine is a full-automatic production of folding mask machine. The equipment requires only one operator.
4. The machine has total technology and batch counting function, and the number of batch counting can be set arbitrarily;
5. The earband is automatically welded by ultrasonic;
6. The bridge of the nose bridge can realize automatic feeding and cutting and ultrasonic welding.

Yinghui Machinery has undertaken 30 one-to-two mask production lines, 16 of which have been produced and delivered. Because the supply prices of upstream raw materials and spare parts are quite different at the moment of the epidemic, our company can meet the needs of the market and can produce and sell under reasonable profit conditions. The price of equipment sales must be based on the price of materials.