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Welcome to Yinghui Packaging Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. !
Fully automatic barreled beer filling production line
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    Fully automatic barreled beer filling production line

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  • Date:2020-01-17
Equipment performance:
1.Suitable for barrel packing of stainless steel barrel-well wine spear.
2.Suitable for stainless steel barrel capacity: 20L: 30L.50L stainless steel beer barrel for cleaning, sterilization and filling.
3. Suitable for cleaning, sterilizing and filling 10L, 20L, stainless steel insulated beer kegs.
Barreled line features:
1. The filling head adopts imported back pressure valve. Constant pressure filling of the container reduces CO2 overflow, stable wine body and less foam.
2. Standard cylinders for cleaning and filling head spearhead cylinders; no contact with cleaning media and products. Ensure the life of the cylinder and reduce the impact on the wine spear.
3. Compressed air and carbon dioxide are filtered by PALL filter; carbon dioxide pipes and filters are equipped with steam sterilization function.
4. The hot water tank, mixed water tank, lye tank and pipeline are equipped with automatic cleaning and descaling function; the hot water tank, mixed water tank and lye tank are equipped with rotary cleaning balls.
5. Equipped with pump cooling water detection function, there is no automatic alarm for cooling water and the pump cannot be turned on; it adopts German Beckhoff control system, SEW reducer and motor, three-stage energy-saving board design.