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Welcome to Yinghui Packaging Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. !
Pre-cut hot melt adhesive labeling machine
  • Pre-cut hot melt adhesive labeling machine 1
  • Pre-cut hot melt adhesive labeling machine 2
  • Pre-cut hot melt adhesive labeling machine 3
  • Name:

    Pre-cut hot melt adhesive labeling machine

  • Number:
  • Date:2020-01-17
Design Features:
1.Using a fully automatic operation control system and automatic control using photoelectric systems installed on the front and rear conveyor belts to ensure accuracy.
2. Accurately fix the container through the positioning cover and positioning plate, ensuring the accuracy and stability of labeling;
3. Complete the conversion of containers and trademarks in a short time;
4. The container is accurately fixed by the positioning cover and the positioning disk, which ensures the labeling accuracy and stability and reduces the loss of the label;
5. The gluing and labeling part is composed of a label station and a label box. The glue can be automatically controlled and adjusted, and the thickness of the glue can be adjusted.
Name Technical Parameters Name Technical Parameters
Production capacity 36,000 bottles / hour Applicable tank height 100-200mm
Total power Round cans Applicable label width 90-190mm
Packaging material 0.5~0.6Mpa Applicable label length 170-240mm
Label material Paper labels / paper-plastic composite labels Equipment weight 4000KG
Number of trays 24 Air consumption 0.6m3/min
Star Wheel Station 12 Standard equipment size 2200×2600×2500mm
Operating Voltage AC 380V/50Hz Applicable pipe diameter 50-70mm
Control system voltage DC24 V