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Automatic boxing / unboxing machine
  • Automatic boxing / unboxing machine 1
  • Automatic boxing / unboxing machine 2
  • Automatic boxing / unboxing machine 3
  • Name:

    Automatic boxing / unboxing machine

  • Number:
  • Date:2020-01-16
The latest German technology, with today's international advanced level, breaks through the traditional mechanical structure, and adopts high-tech including machinery, electricity, gas, light and magnetism. It is suitable for automatically filling bottles into paper (plastic) boxes, and product specifications and varieties The update only needs to change the tip holder, using high-quality imported parts, compact structure, high production efficiency, stable and accurate mechanical operation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low failure rate, high degree of automation, automatic speed adjustment, suitable for beer, Beverage, food, medicine, chemical automatic packing process.