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Welcome to Yinghui Packaging Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. !
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2013 Pazhou Packaging Machinery Exhibition



Name of product: YHY24 suffered from a cut in hot melting glue to labeling machine
Product code : Y24
Number of filling head : 24
Product capacity: 30000~32000bottle/hours
Size of bottle: 50~80mm circular
High of bottle: 130~300mm
Size of labeling: maximum paper high size: 120 mm   maximum paper length size: 280mm
Power : 380V  50HZ
Air pressure : 0.6MPa
Outside measurement :  L:3100*W:2300*H:2200
Equipment weight : 4000Kg

Major characteristics
◆Use of spin labeling methods, accurate gluing, take mark, brush mark completes labeling.
◆Suitable for special long paper label cutting shape gets tag labeling.
◆Using fixed and the bottle bottom and accurate positioning of containers , ensure accurate labeling position , reducing consumption of labeling.
◆Automatic program control ,easy operation ,easy adjustment .
◆Machinery concentrated lubrication ,and a protective door , operational safety and convenience.