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Welcome to Yinghui Packaging Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. !
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Group history / milestones:
● In 2008, Foshan Yonghui Packaging Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.
● In 2011, Passed ISO9001 certification.
● In 2014, Won the high-tech enterprise certificate issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology.
● In 2017, Was identified as "Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center".
● In 2017, Foundation of Mensbach Craft Beer (Foshan Sanshui) Co., Ltd.

  The Yinghui Group includes Foshan Yinghui Packaging Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and Meinebar Craft Beer (Foshan Sanshui) Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, the Group has been adhering to the tenet of “focus on intelligent manufacturing, dedicated service, co-creation and value sharing”, is committed to manufacturing packaging machinery and equipment, craft equipment, barrel lines and craft beer, and operates imported malt , Imported hops and yeast and other raw materials, to provide customers with a full range of solutions. In recent years, it has also cooperated with Siemens to develop in the direction of intelligent monitoring of production buses, and has achieved good results, laying a solid foundation for the development of China's 2025 unmanned factories in the future. Meinebar craft beer is based on Germany's advanced production technology and is committed to brewing real green German craft beer, continuously condensing the traditional culture and brewing technology of beer.

Company tenet: Think about what customers think and develop packaging equipment that customers demand
Operating principles: Quality for survival, technology for development